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Computer Maintenance, Repair, And Sales.

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COMPUTER MAINTENANCE.  We open the computer case and vacuum the dust and dirt completely out of the computer. Then we spray the circuit boards with a solvent that enhances their electronic properties. We clean the monitor and coat the screen with an anti-static solution. We then clean the keyboard and all five sides of the keys. Then we clean the mouse, including the ball and rollers inside. All work is done on-site.
DATA TRANSFER. We can transfer data from any old computer (desktop or laptop) with an IDE or a SATA hard drive.
COMPUTER REPAIR AND UPGRADING. We handle any minor computer repair work, and we also handle upgrading the computer memory, hard drive, or any other computer component. All work is done on-site.
CUSTOM BUILT COMPUTERS. We sell computers that have been custom built to whatever specs you choose. Just contact us
with the specifications you want, for a price quote for the computer system. We custom build both desktop and laptop computers.
REFURBISHED COMPUTERS. We sell refurbished used computer systems. They are used computers that have been completely rebuilt and upgraded. Contact us for our latest inventory list of available refurbished desktop and laptop computers.
LAPTOP BATTERIES AND AC ADAPTERS.  We sell replacement laptop batteries and AC adapters on a ordering basis. We do not keep them in stock so that they are fresh from the manufacturer. Contact us with your laptop brand and model number.
LAPTOP RECYCLING. Donate your used unwanted laptop computers. It does not matter if they are working or not. Call us to
have them picked up.